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*Empathy:  The identification with and understanding of
another sentient being’s situation, feelings, and motives.

Beverly Ulbrich, The Pooch Coach, can help you with all your
San Francisco Bay Area dog training needs and issues:

Whether you have a new puppy, an older dog, or you just picked up a new friend from a shelter or rescue group, Beverly will teach you how to get your dog to respond. Is he too aggressive? A little scared? Does she not listen to your commands? Is this your first dog, or maybe your first dog of this breed?

Every dog has his or her own personality and needs. Training classes are fine for getting some of the basics down, but for real training - that meets your and your dog's personal needs - you need individualized, one-on-one time. And that's what Beverly offers. After your initial consultation, Beverly will tailor the training to meet your exact needs and requirements. She will help you do whatever is required for success.

Ever wished you knew what your dog was thinking?

Beverly's program will enable you to understand your dog's needs, responses and feelings. She calls her unique methodology "empathic dog training". With a deep understanding of why your dog is behaving and reacting the way he or she does, along with detailed and easy to understand steps to follow, you will quickly and easily be able to turn around even the most troubling situations.

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Read Beverly's published article: "How to Raise a Dog".
A groundbreaking & revolutionary new way to look at dog training.

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