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Not Fighting Like Cats and Dogs

Astro on
her first walk

Dogs and cats can peacefully co-exist!

Here's my personal story... A friend adopted a kitten that frightened my dog, Kompis. Kompis had been attacked a few months earlier by a small gray kitten, so when she first saw Astro, Kompis shook uncontrollably and even started to have a bowel movement. Kompis would not move or look at the kitten for the first 10 minutes. The kitten kept a safe distance, too. Once Kompis stopped being frozen with fear and actually took a few steps, Beverly called it quits for that session.

That evening, Astro's new mom brought her over for a visit. Beverly worked her magic and, within one hour, had Kompis and the kitten laying next to each other, relaxing!


Watch a video of a trained kitten!
The Pooch Coach trained Astro to come, sit, shake paws and more!

The next day, The Pooch Coach took them both to the park...


That same day, Astro, Kompis and Kompis' best friend, Dakota, were all eating peacefully together.

Watch a video of feeding time!

By the kitten's second visit, Kompis and Astro were officially friends! They cuddled on the couch together and started playing and running around the house chasing each other and having a blast.

Getting your furry friends to love and respect each other.

Generally, The Pooch Coach tells her clients to expect dogs and cats to adjust to each other in about 2 months. It takes them that long to build trust and figure out how the other species interacts and communicates. The younger the cat/kitten, the better for the quickest and best possible adjustment. Puppies and dogs of all ages can learn to peacefully - and hopefully playfully - co-exist with their feline housemates. With help from a good behaviorist, you can speed up this process greatly, as you have seen above.

Note that you're going to have to train your cat(s) as well as your dog. Cats also need to learn to trust the trained dog, and they need to learn to not actively tease (torture :-) ) your dog. As in all relationships, it is a 2 way street!

If you are having trouble getting your pets to live together in harmony, call or write The Pooch Coach for help. She will make it an easy and rewarding experience for you and provide you with top notch results.

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