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April 2017 News & Tips

April 2017 News & Tips It’s been one month since I said goodbye to my best friend. Not a moment goes by that I don’t think of her and miss her. She was always by my side, especially in the last few months when I could not leave her alone for even a minute.

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March 2017 News & Tips

March 2017 News & Tips from The Pooch Coach San Francisco Dog Trainer
Senior Moments… A new series of tips help your dog as he ages.

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February 2017 News & Tips

Feberuary 2017 News & Tips Our blog is broken into sections about training, health & nutrition, general tips and even travel tips. Here are some of the most popular & a couple recent posts in case you missed them:

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January 2017 News & Tips

January News & Tips Simple & Easy New Year’s Resolutions For You… and Your Dog. The Pooch Coach is a contributor to Bay Woof Magazine. To kick off 2017, she offers you some great tips for things to do to make both you and your pup happier and healthier this year.

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December 2016 News & Tips

pooch coach dog trainer san francisco

December 2016 News & Tips from The Pooch Coach. How to keep your dog safe for the holidays. Holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia plants are poisonous to dogs.

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October 2016 News & Tips

October 2016 News & Tips from The Pooch Coach. Here are some general tips for Halloween safety. Note: Please do NOT lock your dog in another room!

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September 2016 News & Tips

San Francisco Best Friends Strut Your Mutt - Ask the Trainer

September 2016 News & Tips from The Pooch Coach. September Tips – Treats and other rewards

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August 2016 News & Tips

August 2016 News & Tips from The Pooch Coach.
August Tips – Just Say No!

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July 2016 News & Tips

July 2016 News & Tips from The Pooch Coach.
July Tips – Things to Fear!

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June 2016 News & Tips

stop dog barking at door

June 2016 News & Tips from The Pooch Coach.

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