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Get in your bed



Dog gets in her crate

Kompis in her little portable crate


“Get in your bed” command… Train your dog to settle anywhere.


First, here are tips I give my clients for getting a dog used to his crate:

-Use treats & toys to lure him into the crate or bed.

-Once in say: “Good dog! Get in your bed”!

-Continue to use the command “get in your bed” as you lure him in and reward him.

-Slowly build up time in crate/bed and closing & opening the door.

-You can also tie a favorite bone to the back of crate so that the only way he can chew it is to stay inside.

-Some people recommend feeding in the crate as well, which is OK, but I’m not a big fan of that.

-Never let him out if he’s whining or barking. He must learn that only silence/calm gets him out of his crate.

-Always reward him for getting in his bed with a favorite treat or chew toy before closing the door if – especially if you’re going to leave him in there for a bit (for bedtime or going out).

-Be patient. In time, he will learn to like and even love his crate and know it’s his special safe, quiet place.



All in all, the crate should be a peaceful place where he knows he can go to get away from too much noise or hectic activity around him. I especially recommend having a crate for houses with small children or lots of parties!


Here’s a 2 min video that demonstrates not only how to get your dog into a crate, but also how to teach him that any place can be a “bed” where he can settle down.



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