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Welcome to our Dog Blog with Free Tips!The Pooch Coach Daily Dog Blog with Daily Tips

Free dog training tips & other useful & interesting advice with cute dog pics every week.  Learn about all topics dog related, from training and behavior advice to fun facts about dogs.  The Pooch Coach also shares her clients’ stories with you, which she hopes will inspire you to work with your dog to help them become the best dog they can be.


Never give up hope!  Whether it’s a slight inconvenience or annoyance, or a scary, huge issue, you can always get help for your pup.  Check out some of the great success stories, get some tips, and then give us a call if you’d like to join the pack!


If there are any topics you’d like to know more about, let us know!   We’re always looking for great ideas to add to our Dog Blog with Daily Tips!


Keeping Your Dog Safe And Happy During Winter Months

Keeping Your Dog Safe And Happy During Winter Months   Special thanks to our guest blogger, Janice Miller of Safety Today.*   With a coat of thick fur and a bundle of energy, most dogs enjoy wintertime and the endless play possibilities it brings. Bigger breeds enjoy

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February 2017 News & Tips

Feberuary 2017 News & Tips Our blog is broken into sections about training, health & nutrition, general tips and even travel tips. Here are some of the most popular & a couple recent posts in case you missed them:

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2nd Dog Syndrome

2nd dog syndrome

2nd Dog Syndrome Xia’s mom writes: “My 6 year old Akita is dog aggressive. We are able to walk by other dogs but only with strict discipline from me and a tight leash. She has never been able to play with other dogs. She grew up with

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Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

can dogs eat bananas?

Can Dogs Eat Bananas?   10 Toxic Foods, 23 Safe Ones & A Few in the Middle   This is not a complete list of what is safe for your dog to eat. Compared to humans, dogs have a lot less to choose from. The one thing

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Teaching a dog to jump over an object

teaching a dog to jump over an object

TEACHING A DOG TO JUMP OVER AN OBJECT   It’s never too late (or too early) to teach your dog some extra fun tricks.   One of my favorites, which is surprisingly simple, is teaching a dog to jump over an object.  You can start with a household object like a

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January 2017 News & Tips

January News & Tips Simple & Easy New Year’s Resolutions For You… and Your Dog. The Pooch Coach is a contributor to Bay Woof Magazine. To kick off 2017, she offers you some great tips for things to do to make both you and your pup happier and healthier this year.

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Settle the Dog Down

settle the dog down

SETTLE THE DOG DOWN Here’s a quick tip for training dogs to settle down and lie next to you.   Most dogs are a little anxious at new places, or at least a little curious! One way we teach a dog to settle down is through an

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Puppy Biting & Chewing Tips

Puppy Biting & Chewing Tip

PUPPY BITING & CHEWING TIPS This 14 week old pup loves to play. But sometimes he’s a little rough with his play biting. Here’s some quick advice I give to my clients to train a dog to stop biting you or objects he shouldn’t chew:   1.

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Top Dog Names of 2016

Top Dog Names of 2016

TOP DOG NAMES OF 2016 Guest Author: Jessi Klein   This has been a year of crazy surprises, and that extends to the top dog names of 2016.   As 2016 comes to a close, My Dog’s Name, an interactive site to find the right dog name

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December 2016 News & Tips

pooch coach dog trainer san francisco

December 2016 News & Tips from The Pooch Coach. How to keep your dog safe for the holidays. Holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia plants are poisonous to dogs.

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