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THE IMPORTANCE OF SOCIALIZING YOUR NEW PUPPY OR DOG   Introduction   One of the most important things for all new dogs is to learn about their new environment and the people & things in it. Socializing your new puppy or dog is key to their future

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Why Daycare Matters

Why Daycare Matters | You’ve seen the eye rolls and heard the comments from friends when you mention that your dog goes to doggie day care every day.  They all but come out and say, “Are you crazy!?” but since they’re good friends they bite their tongues and just snicker when you’re out of ear shot.

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How to stop a dog from bothering your dog

how to stop a dog from bothering your dog

How to stop a dog from bothering your dog Poor Musik! Some dogs are not polite!   DOG INTERRUPTED!   We’ve all had times at the dog park when another dog is just too nosey and starts annoying our dog. Usually, the other dog owner is oblivious

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No Cone of Shame

no cone of shame

NO CONE OF SHAME Musik sitting calmly with her soft cone the day after her surgery.   As many of you know, Musik got spayed yesterday as well as having 6 baby teeth extracted.  I wanted no cone cone of shame for my little girl!   If

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Walk Your Dog Everyday

walk your dog every day

WALK YOUR DOG EVERY DAY   Did you know that you need to walk your dog every day?   I run into this woman almost every day at the park with Diego. When I asked to take her picture for an article I wanted to write about

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Frenchies Kitchen Dog Food

frenchies kitchen dog food
Frenchies Kitchen Dog Food   Musik has been eating a new dog food lately - Frenchies Kitchen.  It's one that I served to Kompis for the last few years of her life.  Kompis loved it, and it made her go from being 9 years old and actingRead more

K9 Honey for Dogs

k9 honey for dogs

K9 HONEY FOR DOGS   You might have heard about the benefits of natural honey for humans.  But did you know it can also help dogs?  K9 Honey for Dogs knows!   I recently tried out K9 Honey, pictured below.   Musik really loves it!  I give

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Why Dogs Should Always Wear a Collar

Why Dogs Should Always Wear a Collar

Why Dogs Should Always Wear a Collar   Pets Should Always Wear A Collar – Even With Today’s Technology   One of the most obvious reasons why dogs should always wear a collar is for identification purposes since it makes the most efficient place to hang an ID

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