Many people believe there is no controlling prey drive in dogs, but that simply isn’t true.  Let us show you a couple of examples.


Prey drive in dogs


Does your dog chase birds, dig for gophers or try to catch the neighborhood cat?  Many people are of the mistaken belief that dogs cannot control their prey drive.   But they can.


You just need to get past basic training and move onto more complex distractions bit by bit, until your dog understands he needs to listen to you under all circumstances.


Take a look at these videos below where I captured Kompis interacting with a baby gopher and a bunch of seagulls.


Kompis interacting with baby gopher…  it’s much meaner than she is!


Kompis showing us she can listen to my commands and not chase birds –
until she’s given permission


So, please don’t assume there is no controlling prey drive in dogs. With enough training, he can be at his best behavior around all sorts of other animals!

Controlling prey drive in dogs

Kompis meets a donkey