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Fastest Dog Breeds


What ARE the fastest dog breeds – and the slowest dog breeds?

Fastest Dog Breeds


What are your guesses? See how they line up with the facts*.


The top 10 fastest dog breeds:


#10 – Jack Russell Terrier (25 MPH)
#9 – Border Collie (30 MPH)
#8 – Doberman Pinscher (30 MPH)
#7 – Weimaraner (35 MPH)
#6 – Borzoi (35 MPH)
#5 – Whippet (35 MPH)
#4 – Dalmatian (37 MPH)
#3 – Saluki (40 MPH)
#2 – Vizsla (40 MPH)
#1 – Greyhound (45 MPH)


The slowest breeds are up to debate, but most sites seemed to agree on these top 3:


1. Basset Hound
2. Bulldog
3. Dachshund


*Numbers vary a bit, and there are some discrepancies, but most sites seem to agree roughly on this list and these numbers.


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