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K9 Honey for Dogs



You might have heard about the benefits of natural honey for humans.  But did you know it can also help dogs?  K9 Honey for Dogs knows!


I recently tried out K9 Honey, pictured below.

k9 honey for dogs


Musik really loves it!  I give her about a teaspoon once a day.  It seemed to help soothe her tummy when she was having some issues.  It also helps incent her to chew on chew toys when I spread it on.


k9 honey for dogs


I also suggest people use K9 Honey for dogs to help make their dogs want to eat food when they are being picky, or even to help them take medicine. (A teaspoon of honey helps the medicine go down! 🙂  )


Click here to try it yourself and get 10% off your first purchase.

k9 honey for dogs


Here are the main benefits of K9 Honey for dogs:

  • Health benefits of raw honey for a human are the same health benefits for your dog.
  • They have an innovative blend of 9 pollens from 9 different regions from across the USA to cover a portfolio allergens they come in and out of our environments
  • Calms your dog’s digestive system
  • Natural Energy boosts (perfect older dogs)
  • Decreases symptoms of Kennel Cough
  • Improves their immune system
  • Reduce sensitivities to environmental allergens
  • Dogs LOVE K9 Honey. They absolutely love the taste.
  • Honey is even used to treat wounds! K9 Honey partnered with the Arizona Humane Society for wound care.


Of course, Musik also likes to lick it off my fingers!

k9 honey for dogs


Learn more here:




Click here to try K9 Honey for dogs yourself and get 10% off your first purchase.

k9 honey for dogs

k9 honey for dogs


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