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Klay Thompson Dog Training Shoot


We had a great day filming for The Bleacher Report.  The Pooch Coach was asked to help Golden State Warriors NBA Star Klay Thompson train his dog Rocco.   The dog training went really well.   Klay said he learned some really helpful advice on how to better manage Rocco.  Here is some behind the scenes info & pics from the Klay Thompson Dog Training shoot as well as the video itself.


At the end of a successful dog training session.

Klay Thompson his dog Rocco and The Pooch Coach Beverly Ulbrich

Klay Thompson and Beverly Ulbrich “The Pooch Coach” and their dogs Kompis & Rocco

Klay was a super nice guy, and he was eager to learn more about being a good dog parent.


Klay mostly wanted help getting his dog to drop a frisbee after he fetched it.  Rocco likes to play tug instead.  The Pooch Coach showed him how to teach “drop it” to Rocco and to make sure he showed Rocco he seriously wanted to take the frisbee and was not playing.  The show aired in May 2016 on the the Bleacher report.


Here’s the video (we come in at 16 secs and AGAIN at 1 min 33 secs, so make sure you watch for both tips The Pooch Coach shows Klay!)… And check out behind the scenes pics below.


Click here to see Klay Thompson get schooled.


Scroll to the bottom to watch EXCLUSIVE footage of the complete, unedited interview!


Here are some pics of our day together.


Kompis relaxing on the couch in the interview suite while we were waiting for Klay to arrive.

Klay Thompson Dog Training Shoot

Kompis waiting for shoot to begin


They asked me to sit in for Klay to get the lighting correct.  I tried to explain that I was a little shorter than him.  So they had me sit on a big pillow.

Klay Thompson Dog Training Shoot

They had ME sit in for Klay Thompson! LOL


Then we went down to the training room.  Kompis immediately took to the bed they got for Rocco.

Klay Thompson Dog Training Shoot

Kompis made herself comfy in Rocco’s bed


After the training, Ric Bucher interviewed Klay to see how he liked the training and asked some basketball related questions, too.

klay thompson rocco and Ric Bucher

Klay Thompson being interviewed by Ric Bucher


Aren’t they ADORABLE?  Rocco is a snuggle bunny!

Klay Thompson and his dog Rocco

Klay Thompson and his dog Rocco during the interview


Here’s what happened during the dog training session.


klay thompson dog training the pooch coach rocco

Rocco is obsessed with the frisbee and jumps to try to get it from Klay


Klay Thompson dog trainer The Pooch Coach

Rocco latches on and won’t let go!


The Pooch Coach training Klay Thompson's dog, Rocco

The Pooch Coach shows Rocco who’s boss!


klay thompson dog training the pooch coach rocco

The Pooch Coach explains to Klay how he too can control Rocco’s obsessive behavior


The Pooch Coach trains Klay Thompson's dog Rocco

Success! Klay was really impressed!


Here is another final shot with the host, Ric Bucher, Klay Thompson, and The Pooch Coach with our pups.

Klay Thompson Ric Bucher and The Pooch Coach Beverly Ulbrich

Klay Thompson Ric Bucher and Beverly Ulbrich “The Pooch Coach”


The Pooch Coach exclusive video footage of The Klay Thompson Dog Training Shoot with Rocco by The Pooch Coach.  See what Klay says he learned from The Pooch Coach!




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