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Pit BullsHatchi came by for another lesson. He’s a sweet boy who was recently rescued and is learning how to play nicely with other dogs. His obedience training is coming along wonderfully.


Pit Bulls (still) get a bad rap but, as I always say, it’s all about the training. Every time I get called in by TV News about an attack, I have to explain that it is not an inherent trait of the breed, but it’s the lack of socialization and training that causes any dog to be aggressive.


I have worked with more Pit Bulls than any other breed and I have never been injured by one. I’ve been bitten by Labs and cute little dogs, but never by a Pit Bull. Even ones I’ve worked with who were extremely human aggressive have been fairly easy to turn around. I find them a very rewarding breed to work with.


Read more about The Pooch Coach’s work with Pit Bulls here.





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