“Winning at Both Ends of the Leash”
Noe Valley Voice October 2018

Pooch Coach Noe Valley Voice Article

Beverly on CBS News"Do dogs feel shame?" Feb 2014

The Pooch Coach speaks up against using  physical violence or hitting in dog training.  August 2015

Beverly on CBS Pitbull attack August 11, 2011

Beverly was interviewed on Bloomberg News April 2014

Press and Media

Beverly on ABC doing a live interview
on the fatal pitbull attack – August 12, 2011

Beverly was KRON4 Weekend News’ Dog Commentator.

Monthly dog training tips and advice. Meet local rescues, shelters, dog therapy groups and other great dog organizations.


See some of her live TV segments here


Beverly on CBS 5 Tips For Preventing Dog Attacks

Beverly with Mike Rowe, host of Evening Magazine

Beverly & Mike during the shoot, with a client’s dog

Photo of Beverly being filmed for CBS news 
with Mike Sugerman

Photo of Beverly being interviewed by Susan Blake of KRON4 news about avoiding aggression in dogs


Beverly on Eyewitness News talking about
how to recognize aggression in dogs

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