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Puppy Biting & Chewing Tips


Puppy Biting & Chewing Tip

This 14 week old pup loves to play. But sometimes he’s a little rough with his play biting. Here’s some quick advice I give to my clients to train a dog to stop biting you or objects he shouldn’t chew:


1. “Ouch”!

If play biting is too rough, say “ouch” in a high pitched tone and pull away.  This is exactly what the dog’s siblings would do, so you’re speaking his language.  He will learn to bite less hard to keep you playing with him (and keep you from screaming in pain).


2. “No bite”

If you want your dog to stop biting your hand or other objects, here’s what you need to do:


Get some vinegar or Bitter Apple ( and put it in some small spray bottles and put them around the house in places where you play with your dog.


When he bites your hand (or a piece of furniture, or an electrical cord, etc.), say “no bite!”.


If he stops, tell him “good dog” and play with him some more. Use a toy to let him bite safely.


If he doesn’t stop, *secretly* spray the Bitter Apple on your hand or object. Repeat “no bite!”. Now, when he bites your hand, he’s going to a mouthful of yukky taste! Now he will start to understand what “no bite” means and take you seriously.


Note – It’s important to hide the bottle. If your dog gets to see and learn what the spray bottle is, he will stop chewing because he sees the bottle and not because he thinks you’re some magical creature who can make things taste nasty. He’ll respect the bottle, but not you. And, you’ll have to have the bottles around for the rest of his life to control him.


This method safely teaches him to stop chewing dangerous or delicate things as it also trains him to listen to your commands.



Keeping your puppy’s mouth busy with toys is also a great way to stop them from chewing on you.



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