San Francisco Dog Trainer & Dog Behaviorist

Phone: (415) 643-3333


How well adjusted and well trained is your dog?

Here is how you scored!

san francisco dog training test

A training program with The Pooch Coach ensures you will get a top score on this test. Our methodology produces easily learned techniques and long lasting results

55-60: Congratulations! You have a well trained and well adjusted dog!!

40-54: Pretty good. You’ve obviously worked with your dog. You could use some tightening up, though. Work on the few A’s and B’s you got to get them to C’s.

25-39: Hmmm. You need to do a little more work in order for your dog to be well trained, safe and happy. Consider enrolling in training.

10-24: Hire a behaviorist ASAP! You need to ensure you have no “A” responses. A good behaviorist will be able to help you take care of the issues you are having.

Contact us for help today!


(415) 643-3333


San Francisco, CA
Phone: 415-643-3333

Voted "Best Private Dog Trainer" in the entire San Francisco Bay Area! Three Times!

SF Chronicle



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