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The Pooch Coach on KRON4 TV

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May 2007

The Pooch Coach introduces Share-A-Pet, a national pet assisted therapy organization, where she created its therapy dog test and volunteers as a trainer and tester of therapy dogs.

August 2007

The Pooch Coach discusses a recent pit bull attack. Is the breed inherently dangerous?  Or is it really about responsible dog ownership?  People need to report dangerous dogs before it’s too late.  Click here to learn how.

December 2007

Teaching “jump” over an object and some of The Pooch Coach’s favorite dog rescue groups

July 2007

The Pooch Coach explains easy techniques to teach a dog to drop any object with a live demonstration with a Pets Unlimited shelter dog. You can follow these 3 simple steps to get your dog dropping stuff in no time.

November 2007

The Pooch Coach teaches a rescue dog the “down” command and introduces 3 of her volunteer organizations VetSOS (& Project Homeless Connect) and Grateful Dogs Rescue

Want to see more of Beverly?

Here is a 5 minute sampler of some of The Pooch Coach’s earlier TV & movie appearances.

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