settle the dog down

After 20 mins, this pacing dog is totally relaxed.

Here’s a quick tip for training dogs to settle down and lie next to you.


Most dogs are a little anxious at new places, or at least a little curious! One way we teach a dog to settle down is through an exercise of wrapping his leash around your foot and ignoring him until he relaxes.


This teaches your dog to lie peacefully next you when visiting someone’s house, at an outdoor cafe, or when he otherwise might act up, such as wanting to chase a cat or beg from someone eating nearby.


The key to this exercise is ignoring your dog when he is acting up, and then rewarding him when he is calm. Remember to only pet your dog when he is being good by lying there quietly. He will soon learn that his job is to lie down and get petted… not to pace, whine or sniff.


Watch how nicely Buster relaxes after a little while with The Pooch Coach.