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Training Little Dogs



Tasha is doing great with her training! This 2lb, 4 month old learned to sit at a busy park.


It’s never too early to train a dog… and no size is too small to learn basic commands and safety. People often overlook training with smaller dogs because they don’t mind the pulling, jumping and other behaviors that are much less acceptable with larger dogs.


But we also train for safety. If Tasha doesn’t learn to listen to her dad, she could easily get hurt out in the real world. He wants a dog he can travel with (he lives in 3 different places) and Tasha needs to be a confident and happy traveling companion.


And she’s well on her way!


San Francisco, CA
Phone: 415-643-3333

Voted "Best Private Dog Trainer" in the entire San Francisco Bay Area! Three Times!

SF Chronicle



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